Citroën 2CV (1939-1992)

Citroën 2CV – «the ugly duckling»

Resultat d'imatges de 2cv citroen

The 2CV is probably the best known and most instantly recognisable Citroen of all time. Designed to provide economic options similar to those found with Volkswagen’s Beetle, the Citroën 2CV soon became a popular choice among drivers in Europe. At one point, it had a waiting list that was 3yrs long.

Despite its unassuming appearance, the Citroën 2CV featured an engine that was innovative and advanced for its time.  The car was designed with a two horsepower engine, which made it suited for light loads and coupled with its high ground clearance, adjustable suspension and fairly uncomplicated engine, the Citroën 2CV won much praise for its pragmatic design.


In Spanish-speaking countries they were niknamed two horses, as well as the flog. The Dutch were the first to call it the ugly duckling or just duck, while the Flemish called it the goat. In German-speaking countries, it is called duck. English nicknames include Flying Dustbin, Tin Snail, Dolly, Tortoise

De mite sobre rodes a heroi de còmic
Resultat d'imatges de Citroën 2CV
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