Antoni Gaudí (1852-1926)

Barcelona attractions: what to see and do in spring

Antoni Gaudí, architect and designer

Born in Reus, in Catalonia, he graduated in Barcelona in 1878 and this city became the center of his activities. One important aspect is his capacity as designer.
This led him to create, in close collaboration with some of the very fine artisans of his time, all those elements making up architectural space – wrought iron, furniture, stained glass, sculptural work, mosaics, ceramics and so on – within an organic concept of decoration and with the integration of these elements into the construction process. The sea landscape was one of his most preferred inspirations.

In his own time, Gaudí was both admired and criticised for the audacity and singularity of his innovative solutions. His fame on a world scale has become an unquestioned fact both in specialised circles and among the general public.

Casa Milà (La Pedrera)_1906-12

Church of Colònia Güell_1908-15

Gaudi Colonia Guell

Casa Batlló_1904-06

La Sagrada Família_1882-2026?

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