Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890)

Van Gogh – Lust for Argument

In life, Vincent van Gogh had the opposite of charm. People tended to dislike his spiky red hair, staring eyes and jerky, galvanic movements on sight. On further acquaintance, almost everybody – including his own family – found him intolerable: a disquieting mixture of extreme emotional neediness, unstoppable aggressive verbosity and disquieting oddness. But almost from the moment that he died, a new image of Vincent was born. His reputation rose rapidly. Freed from Vincent’s own off-putting presence and delivery, his words – preserved in hundreds of letters – revealed moving eloquence and spiritual grandeur. How to reconcile these two Vincents: the one described by those who knew him and the one who emerged after his death?

He worked with furious energy, creating a life’s work in barely a decade from a standing start. For much of the time he was isolated, at first in the Netherlands then, after a brief interval in Antwerp, in France. He stayed with his brother,Theo – a highly successful employee in the family art dealership – for two years in Paris,  then abruptly left for Arles.

The painter, who suffered from depression, cut off part of an ear, committed himself to an asylum and is widely believed to have ended his own life at age 37. He died in 1890, two days after suffering a gunshot wound to his chest.

The Church at Auvers_1890

Painter on the Road_1888

Resultado de imagen de van gogh the painter on the tarascon road 1888

Thatched Cottages_1890

Sower with Setting Sun_1888

The Starry Night_1889

Self Portrait as an Artist_1888

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3 respuestas a Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890)

  1. rexval dijo:

    An excellent painter and a man who suffered greatly. He just had a real friend, his brother, Theo, who always helped him in everything he could.

  2. Carol King dijo:

    Just love his paintings. Not sure if I would have liked him had I met him.

    • feseto dijo:

      Same here. One of his sisters once noted that he had an abrasive “lust for argument” – rather than the “lust for life” claimed by the title of a Hollywood film.

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