The Odd Couple (1968)

Jack Lemmon Walter Matthau

 Jack Lemmon is the perfect Felix Unger and Walter Matthau is the quintessential Oscar Madison. They are Jack and Walter, and nobody can do it like they can. Without those two, this would certainly be a lesser movie. That does not detract from the magnificent scrip by Neil Simon, the solid direction by Gene Saks, or the wonderful music by Neal Hefti.

The film begins with Felix suicidal because his wife of 12 years has kicked him out. In a gesture of friendship and solidarity, Oscar offers his spare room to Felix, and that’s when the trouble begins. The weekly poker party begins to resemble a ladies’ luncheon. The incompatibility becomes sharply, painfully and amusingly obvious when Oscar arranges a double date with the Pigeon sisters from upstairs.

 I have grown up loving Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau movies. While they each had many good solo movies, together they were a team, a match made in heaven.


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4 respuestas a The Odd Couple (1968)

  1. regi60 dijo:

    Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau movies are excellent. It’s a pleasure to watch them. But sometimes they are a little repetitive. The couple was very successful, so the cinema industry repeated the «same» film a lot of times. I would say that Lemmon-Matthau is a real cinema genre.

    I was younger at that time. I don’t know why Lemmon was my model. My best friend was like Matthau.

    It’s a pleasure to read the scripts. You can download the subtitles. They are very funny.

    Bye-bye Rita. //*//

    • feseto dijo:

      Great comedic actors, and two of the greatest ever to grace the stage and screen. But if you’ve never seen Lemmon in «Save the Tiger» and Matthau in «A Face in the Crowd» you don’t know how well they could handle drama as well.

  2. Anónimo dijo:

    Que pareja Matthau y Lemmon excepcionales y mucho mas trabajados y con mejores papeles que Esteso y Pajares. JOSE del Camp del Turia.

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