Joaquim Sorolla (1863-1923)

Valencian Luminism

Joaquim Sorolla i Bastida was born in Valencia in 1865, orphaned at 2 and taken in by an aunt and her locksmith husband. Happily, his artistic gifts were recognized and encouraged at an early age. Scholarships won through early prize-winning pictures enabled him to study in Rome and Paris, where he encountered some of the other leading painters of the day, including John Singer Sargent, who became a life-long friend.

Sorolla’s dislike of working in a studio led him to combine genres by executing portraits outdoors. A key work in this evolution of his style is of his eldest daughter: “Maria Dressed as a Valencian Peasant,” This boldly colorful study of 1906 was bought by the artist’s friend Pedro Gil, who described it as “a sensation of light.”

Sorolla was in huge demand as a portraitist for the Rich and Famous, including portraits of Spanish royalty. His art was also wildly popular and appreciated in the United States. His 1909 portrait of President Howard Taft is appropriately formal and, at the same time, refreshingly relaxed in both posture and brushstroke. The large, horizontal portrait of Louis Comfort Tiffany sitting in a flower garden brings to mind Claude Monet’s landscapes of Giverny garden, as well as the luscious colors of Tiffany’s stained glass windows and lamps.

Valencian Peasant_1906

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Portrait of President Taft_1909

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The Horse’s Bath_1909

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Valencian Fishermen_1895

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Louis Comfort Tiffany_1911

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Walk on the Beach_1909

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21 respuestas a Joaquim Sorolla (1863-1923)

  1. rexval dijo:

    Sorolla was much imitated, but his style is unique. A few years ago I saw an exhibition and loved it. The lines were very long.

    • feseto dijo:

      This loving, sensuous portrait is of Sorolla’s wife Clotilde, then the mother of three and approaching forty years in age.

      • Age doesn’t say anything. He loved his wife, giving her three children. Beautiful painting.

      • rexval dijo:

        Thanks for the information. I was wrong. Sorry .D

      • rexval dijo:

        I think is not Clotilde but a model, I’m not sure.

        The model had very beautiful buttocks. The picture is very realistic. Sorolla was light and life.

        Unamuno didn’t like the exuberance of Sorolla; he preferred the darkness of Solana, the burials and death. Solana is the darkness of the death.

        I prefer the life to the death.

        I prefer Sorolla to Solana, València to Castille.

  2. During his time in Amsterdam Vincent van Gogh said he would exchange 10 years of his life if he could sit in front of the Rembrandt painting ‘The Jewish Bride» a fortnight (14 days) with only a crust of bread to eat. He admired the light in the colors. Later he created ‘The Potato Eaters» A dark work that is actually a study of light. The family with the potatoes they honestly earned and eat sitting around the table lit by a little lamp.

    It is said that Vincent got Gordina, one of the potato eaters, pregnant.
    Painting makes hungry…

    Another study of a nude while he was in Paris was likely Agostina Segatori, a cafe owner, Vincent was having a short affair with.
    Painting makes thirsty…
    This painting is in the collection of the Kröller-Müller Museum in the Netherlands.
    You can see that Van Gogh started to experiment more with bright colors in this painting in contrast to his earlier works in the Netherlands.

    I would give 10 years of my life if I could spend more time with the ones I love.

    • feseto dijo:

      The 17th century in the Netherlands was remarkable for the quantity and quality of its art.

      A better way to live, I believe, is to stop searching outside of the self for someone who can «make» you happy. The key to contentment has nothing to do with what you do or don’t have. It’s all about what you decide to do with what is already yours.

      • You mean Vincent? He indeed looked outside for women to make him happy.
        If I apply this to me. Well I can honestly say am a very strong person happy with the stength I have to make it alone in day to day life instead of giving in and change who I am inside and out just to hide behind people who don’t care for me. Result is that it doesn’t make popular, but I can be proud of who am I.
        Those who truly love me have to be strong and accept me, and happy to be there for me. Trust my actions and spirit. If not they stay away.

        I gave a lot of myself, viewing the world with innocent eyes. And in the end, people had hard time hiding their true feelings. When you notice they would not blink twice if given the option of life without you from day one.. jealousy is an ugly beast. I have been through a lot early on, and just words are not going to break my bones anymore.
        People are not meant to be alone, but I have had a lot of practice. Wish to go back in time and tell this to Vincent, to let him know to go and live like the potato eaters. Work the humble life instead of just observing them and leave behind a woman pregnant and deal with it. On the other hand we now have his art. But think of his potential if he had to live more down to earth.

        I would give 10 years to spend more time with what is already mine. With just a crust of bread to eat..

      • feseto dijo:

        I do not believe that there is an intrinsic relationship between art and suffering. However, sometimes of course, there is a relationship between the two.

        Better to eat a dry crust of bread with peace of mind than have a banquet in a house full of trouble.

      • There is an intrinsic relationship between people and suffering however. I think the crust of bread has a romantic message and meant like that. For better and worse… Am not sure I made a reference to a (personal?) need for a banquet, but your statement is so spot on. Although bread crust eaters have their problems too. People are not as objective as they think they are. Personal frustrations are often prescribed to others we love or hate.

      • feseto dijo:

        Frustration can have a highly damaging impact on our frame of mind. It can turn a positive person into a person who sees nearly everything as a problem.

      • The way I read your reply I can’t help think that you blame the positive person for a weakness of not having the strength to deal correctly with frustration. If they are to blame for causing problems leading to frustrations, maybe I agree with you. But many of us sinners have to deal with the problems and pain others cause. And if the personality has no sense of humor or other mental outlets it is hard to stay positive. Some people get blow after blow to deal with and little support, so I try not to be Judge Judy. Empathy is hard to come by these days. It is good to read that you tried to listen to the pain and problems of some of your readers, feseto. It just shows how people have to look outside for help. If they had stable friendships,someone, their pain would have healed faster. If you find one good friend in your life or maybe two.. go and pray to offer thanks. Facebook friends don’t count 😉

      • feseto dijo:

        One of the most difficult tasks in life is removing someone from your heart, but don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.

      • Myself I don’t remove anyone from my heart who is in it, and they are not second best. My heart is VIP party. Being afraid is not my nature. Am a velvet covered furball with a mean claw. I do like the simple wisdom they tell in bathroom calenders. Common knowledge we can apply on our own circumstances. Like a fortune teller. Remember Esther, she is also VIP, but she left on her conditions. It is painful, but I think I take your advice and consider moving on from heartache. Adiós, hasta la vista, smell you later is all there is left for me.

  3. Footnote to add: The Potato Eaters was made in the Netherlands (not Paris as my story may suggest when reading). And as far as I uncovered, he never made a nude painting of Gordina. Just a private study ;-D
    He was shunned in his village of Nuenen, the Priest of the Catholic Church was not forgiving of Vincent for getting Gordina pregnant. Out of rebellion he took a box of condoms with him after traveling to Antwerp and presented it to the Priest.

  4. dijo:

    No wonder he was in huge demand….So beautiful…

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