The Godfather, Part II (1974)


Keep Your Friends Close

Michael’s journey from war hero to vicious killer in the original Godfather sets the stage for The Godfather Part II. The sequel tells two simultaneous tales: the rise of the father, and the fall of the son. In one storyline, we see the journey of Vito (Robert De Niro) from Sicily to Ellis Island; from his petty first crime to his first murder in 1920s New York.

In the other, we pick up where the first film left off, with Michael having taken his family to Nevada, where he, Kay and their children live a life of luxury on Lake Tahoe. That life is shattered one night — the night of their son Anthony’s confirmation — when gunmen target Michael for assassination and shoot up his bedroom.

As Michael Corleone, Al Pacino is mesmerizing as we see him constantly bubbling beneath the surface ready to explode. The inner workings of Michael Corleone come to life in Pacino’s performance and every movement, gesture and line gives birth to another dimension to his character.

“Part II» was released two years after the “The Godfather: Part I” and it is widely considered the best sequel of all time. To prepare for his role as Vito Corleone, De Niro, lived in Sicily and learned the Italian dialect. Nearly all of De Niro’s dialogue in the film was in Sicilian. Brando and De Niro are the only two actors to ever win separate Oscars for playing the same character. Brando won Best Actor for “The Godfather” while De Niro won Best Supporting Actor in “Part II.”

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  1. rexval dijo:

    Encara que aquest no siga el lloc, aprofite per recomanar-te la lectura de l’articlés sobre Paco. Em sap greu que de la gent que he conegur de les fotos solament és viu Carles Recio, l’ex-blaver que deien.

    Jo hi participe de quan en quan. Allí sóc «Pep de Meliana».


  2. rexval dijo:

    People say that second parts are not good, but this is not true in The Godfather (II). I think it is so good as the part number one. The problem is the next one. I don’t like The Godfather (III), well, not as much as the above.

    My mother died two years ago. The last present she made me was a luxury box with the three DVD; thats why that these films are so special for me.

    The soundtrack is very good except for daughter’s Coppola part. Nino Rota is very good especially with Fellini.

    PS. If you need a link for the soundtrack I can help you. It’s good music.

    • feseto dijo:

      The difference between Part I and Part II is that the first is a more romanticized version of organized crime, in part II we get to see the real side of it which is ruthless, cold and cunning and that it comes with a terrible price.

  3. hectornic dijo:

    Les escenes sicilianes son, probablement, el millor de la trilogia.

    • feseto dijo:

      A mi m’agrada molt la part de Cuba, que en realitat es va filmar en Santo Domingo. Amb aquell petó que li fa al germà. Encara que reconec que no acabe de lligar tots els fils de la trama…

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