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Zachary Taylor (1784-1850)

12th President (1849-50) Zachary Taylor served in stormy times. Taylor was the second President to die in office. Though there were quiet murmurings that the President had been poisoned, none of these suspicions were medically investigated. Abraham Lincoln gave the eulogy … Seguir leyendo

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James K. Polk (1795-1849)

11th President (1845-49) «Thank God, under our Constitution there was no connection between  church and state.» -JKP When Democrats gathered in Baltimore, Maryland, in May 1844, none could have foreseen the eventual outcome. Former President Martin Van Buren came to Baltimore … Seguir leyendo

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John Tyler (1790-1862)

10th President  1841-45 One night in April 1841, John Tyler rose from bed to find out the President of the United States was dead. The news was a big deal because Tyler had been sworn in as William Henry Harrison’s Vice … Seguir leyendo

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William Henry Harrison (1773-1841)

 9th President of the United States In  Office: March 4, 1841 – April 4, 1841 The first president to die in office, William Henry Harrison was notable mainly for the brevity of his presidency (31 days); for the populism of his election … Seguir leyendo

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Martin Van Buren (1782-1862)

 8th President • 1837-1841 The only person apart from Thomas Jefferson to occupy all three great offices of the US state – Secretary of State, Vice-President and President – Martin Van Buren probably had more impact in the first two than in the … Seguir leyendo

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