Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640)

Baroque Painter & Diplomat

Peter Paul Rubens was a Flemish diplomat and one of the most influential artists of all time. Everywhere you look in the history of art you will find traces of Rubens. Some are obvious: Cézanne’s bathers are exercises in Rubensian volume; Renoir’s and Francis Bacon’s nudes are homages to his flesh; Picasso’s Guernica is in part modelled on Rubens’s Consequences of War (1639).

Peter Paul Rubens lived and studied in Italy between 1600 and 1609, absorbing the country’s cultural riches and artistic heritage. Following his stay in Italy, he returned to Antwerp in 1609, and became court painter to the regents for the Spanish crown in the Southern Netherlands, Archduke Albert and Archduchess Isabella. Rubens later became painter to the courts of Europe and produced many allegorical paintings that glorified his royal patrons. He received knighthood in England, discussed science and archeology with the greatest minds of Europe, and was trusted with delivering important messages between the rulers of Spain and England.

Rubens’ art is a blend of styles, incorporating aspects of the Italian High Renaissance, as well as northern realism and love of landscape, a hallmark of Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s style. He takes on anything and completes monumental altarpieces, large mythological cycles, portraits, dramatic animal pieces, landscapes, architecture plans, graphic arts and tapestry designs.

The Raising of The Cross, 1611

Resultat d'imatges de punto rojo

The Straw Hat, 1625

Resultat d'imatges de punto rojo

Venus in Fur Coat, 1638

Het pelsken (the little fur) by Peter Paul Rubens (c.1638)

Resultat d'imatges de punto rojo

The Four Philosophers, 1612

Resultat d'imatges de punto rojo

Venus at a Mirror, 1615

Resultat d'imatges de punto rojo

The Three Graces, 1639

Rubens, Peter Paul 1577-1640 06 Signatur.jpg

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22 respuestas a Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640)

  1. Eleanor dijo:

    Was he personally attracted to the women he made into art?
    Venus can also be a philosopher. Do men see that?

    • feseto dijo:

      Venus in Fur Coat, 1638 is a mythological sublimation of a portrait of Rubens’ second wife, Helena, who was a frequent inspiration to the enamored painter in the final years of his life.

      I think philosophy has always been the most macho of the humanities – basically because from antiquity reason was always associated with maleness.

      • Eleanor dijo:

        Which one came first? The chicken or the egg? Classical female question. Men will want to believe the egg , women know it must be the chicken. This question stays open for debate. Who came first? The monkey or the human? Who really came first? Adam or Eva? Real gentlemen say: After you, my lady. l say: we can’t live without eachother even when we can’t get through the door at the same time. We all stay eggs without the efforts of the male. And nothing is cooking without goodlooking. Men stop thinking at that point while the woman needs to do all the thinking from there on. Women are misunderstood and underestimated at all times.

      • feseto dijo:

        Why did God use Adam’s rib to create Eve?

        Women spend more time thinking about what men think than men actually spend thinking.

  2. Carol King dijo:

    I love Ruben’s full-figured women! I enjoyed your post. Thanks.

  3. Eleanor dijo:

    In some countries there is the saying: «That is a rib out of my body!» Meaning you had to spend a lot of money on something. And you only have so many ribs.
    It all doesn’t matter, as long as it is your own rib. So many men and women came after that first rib.
    I don’t spend time thinking what men think. Only care about the one I love and what he feels. What he thinks is a God given mystery.

  4. Eleanor dijo:

    Twelve pairs of ribs in the body. Seven pairs are true ribs. The rest false ribs. God is the Body. One pair is Jesus and Maria Magadalena. The other six pairs or twelve ribs are the Apostels.
    God is the Father, Maria Mother. Perfect unity.

    I hope Adam and Eva will return to paradise. Their sins are not forgiven yet, we are all still here, the far away grand children of Adam and Eva.

    • feseto dijo:

      Why did the serpent tempt Eve and not Adam? Why did the serpent deceive them?

      When God asked what happened, Adam blamed Eve (and basically blamed God, since He had given her to him). Adam was not moved by this desire for knowledge, but simply by greed: he ate it because he heard Eve say it tasted good. Then Eve blamed the serpent. Adam and Eve chose the way that leads to death for themselves and all their children.

      But thankfully God had a plan to turn that around. Jesus Christ was willing to pay the death penalty for us. When we choose to obey God’s law, the result is real happiness.

  5. Eleanor dijo:

    Although hope, believe and love are engraved in my heart I have become to know that this world is one dimensional , only our Souls but not our Bodies can go to Heaven. Our bodies can be destroyed like bricks of stone and turn into dust, but right now use it as His Temple to live the message. Treasure the man or woman who God gave to you, or at least be that human He wants you to be. For better or for worse, even death can’t do us apart.

    • feseto dijo:

      Your soulmate is not someone who comes into your life peacefully. It is someone who comes to make you question things, who changes your reality, someone who marks a before and after in your life. It is not the human being everyone has idealized, but an ordinary person, who manages to revolutionize your world in a second.

      • Eleanor dijo:

        When Someone marks your life. You see them doing dishes, first time your eyes see. Before I was not a sinner, but after I want to be his saint and daily life.

  6. rexval dijo:

    When I was a child, I saw a film about this painter. At the end, he was old and had no money. When a friend gave him some money to eat, he preferred to buy a little paint before eating. A very interesting film in black and white. But now I’m not sure wheter the painter was Rembrandt o Rubens. For my, they are very similar.

  7. rexval dijo:

    Sorry, two mistakes: «But now I’m not sure whether the painter was Rembrandt or Rubens. For my, they are very similar.»

  8. rexval dijo:

    Where are you, Feseto? I miss you.


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